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National Learning Outcomes Standards Forum

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Notes are available, extrapolated from the discussions of the eleven tables of attendees at the Forum held on 9 August, 2013 in response to the three objectives highlighted in the document:

Objective 1: To explore the use of reference points for national learning
outcomes standards

Objective 2: To recommend transparent, defensible and efficient
mechanisms for demonstrating student achievement of learning

Objective 3: To identify the core issues surrounding the implementation
of national standards for learning outcomes and course design


National Learning Outcomes Standards Forum 9 Aug Notes (pdf)


A comprehensive listing of the Office for Learning and Teaching National Fellowships relating to the learning outcomes standards discussion is also available:





Further context for the Forum's discussion is presented by the pre-reading provided to all participants:

1. Forum objectives, background and focus questions (pdf)

2. A paper by Prof D. Royce Sadler titled ‘Assuring academic achievement standards: from moderation to calibration’ (2013) (pdf)

3. The Campus Review series titled ‘Being TEQSA ready’ authored by the Discipline Scholars in 2012 (pdf)



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