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The ACDS Teaching and Learning Centre

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The Australian Deans of Science (ACDS) Teaching and Learning (TL) Centre  has been created as a virtual centre to support quality learning and teaching  in science and mathematics in higher education.


One function of the ACDS TL Science Centre is to be a central point for information on the Discipline Networks in Science.


The Discipline Networks are currently focussing on developing and/or implementing discipline-specific threshold learning outcomes (TLOs). TLOs are now available in at least draft form for :

  • Biology
  • Biomedical Science  
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


Links to the websites of the relevant networks are found on the ACDS website: http://www.acds.edu.au/tlcentre/


The ACDS TL Centre is supporting specific projects on topics of national importance to university science educators.  The project "TLOS in Science" at http://www.acds.edu.au/tlcentre/centreprojects/ aims to:

  • provide advice to ACDS on the implementation of the HESP standards in science and mathematics
  • construct a 5-year plan for developing the TLOs in course design and assessing learning outcomes.
  • recommend action for the ACDS TL Centre to support the use of Science TLOs in Science faculties.



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